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Project Start DateOctober 15, 2014
End DateMay 2017
Approx. Value of ProjectRs. 25,816 Million PKR
ClientCapital Development Authority (CDA)

Project Description

CDA Intends to rehabilitate, Widen and make the Islamabad Highway as a Signal Free Corridor from Zero Point to G.T. Road along with construction of service roads and grade separation facilities to facilitate the increasing traffic volume and improve the level of service to the commuters. The project comprises of development of signal free and controlled access corridor of Islamabad Highway up to five (05) lanes dual carriageway as per envisaged Master Plan of Islamabad. The total length of Islamabad Highway from Zero Point Interchange to G.T. Road is approximately 24.00 Kms. Rehabilitation, widening, grade separated interchanges, flyovers, underpasses, hydraulic structures, pedestrian bridges, bus-bays, fencing, efficient lighting system and other miscellaneous works are integral part of this project.

Description of Actual Services Provided

  • Rehabilitation of 03 existing flexible lanes and addition of 02 flexible lanes on each carriageway from Zero Point Interchange to Faizabad Interchange
  • Rehabilitation of existing flexible lanes and addition of 02 Rigid lanes and 01 flexible lane on each carriageway from Airport/Karal Chowk to G.T. Road as per Traffic Count data for next 20 years
  • Rehabilitation of Islamabad Expressway from Faizabad Interchange to Airport/Karal Chowk
  • Construction of Eastern and Western (New) service Roads from Airport/Karal Chowk to G.T. Road. Rehabilitation and completion of existing service roads from Faizabad to Airport turning, where required
  • Construction of Pedestrian bridges, bus bays, bus shelters, walkways at locations of busiest road crossings
  • Construction of side fence, efficient lighting system, intelligent transport system (ITS) and other miscellaneous works
  • Extension of existing culverts