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Water Resources

Water Resources

Zeeruk International offers comprehensive services in all fields of water resources including: water resources development and management; feasibility studies for hydrological details, hydrological design and investigation; hydraulic investigation and modeling for various purposes including design of hydraulic structures, river training, flood mapping, multipurpose dams, road and highway infrastructure, bridges and culverts, bypass structures, dams, etc. Further expertise include:

  1. On-Farm Water Management
  2. Agriculture Management
  3. Water Quality Management / Waste Water Treatment

On Farm Water Management

Irrigation and drainage engineering providing services from river system to on-farm water management; investigation and exploration of underground aquifers, groundwater flow modeling and monitoring of underground aquifers using tracer and monitoring wells and artificial recharge

Agriculture Management

Agriculture management is another area of expertise offering engineering innovative solutions under different agro-climatic conditions for efficient land and water management to enhance productivity.

Water Quality Management

We also offer specialized services in water quality management and wastewater treatment techniques, Water Treatment, Water Supply and Desalination.

In-house Professionals at Zeeruk are well experienced with diversified knowledge and handling projects under different environment and hydrological conditions. The team is comprised of qualified experts and scientists. Members of the Team are very well acquainted with the latest Modeling Tools for surface, groundwater flow; and hydraulic analysis. In-house Design facilities include a number of State of the Art Software.