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Value Engineering

Value Engineering

As the monetary cornerstones of contract pricing agreements, accurate construction bid estimates are often the lynch pin of a project’s success. As such, Zeeruk provides value engineering consulting services. Whether you seek value-added construction estimates for your current project, you need assistance selecting between multiple bid packages or you simply desire validation of a selected bid before entering into contract, Zeeruk’s professionals have the experience to help you make the right decision.

Developing accurate construction bid estimates requires a comprehensive understanding of project costs and factors that impact project costs, along with knowledge of the estimating process. In the end, our estimating team addresses three primary concerns:

  • How many? (quantities)
  • How much? (pricing)
  • How long? (productivity)

With our methodical, yet practical approach Zeeruk’s construction bid estimates include quantity take-offs to answer ‘how many’, market-factored pricing to answer ‘how much’, and scheduling services to answer ‘how long’. In addition, our estimating expertise qualifies us to evaluate and analyze submitted bids for possible errors or shortcomings. Regardless of your estimating needs, Zeeruk has the services to hold the lynchpin in place.

Zeeruk’s services that may assist in the development of your value engineering efforts include different phases as:

Information Phase

During this step, we try to understand the background and decisions along with key functional issues surrounding your project. Our team will also consult you to determine your objectives and understand your concept of value so that we can incorporate it effectively in our value engineering.

Speculation Phase

We will come up with as many ideas as possible to deliver the essential functions at the least initial and lifetime costs. The ideas we developed will be based on our function analysis that we conducted in the previous step.

Evaluation Phase

Now comes the time to evaluate all the ideas we had come up with. We may need your help to define the criteria we will use for our evaluation. Ideas which have the highest potential for value enhancement and cost savings will be developed further.

Development Phase

In this step, we convert ideas into workable solutions to be implemented during construction. We will provide details on each idea including their pros and cons, cost, description and necessary design changes. We will also create designs or sketches you will need to implement our ideas.

Presentation Phase

In the last step, we present you a list of recommendations in a typed out or email report. The report will include details such as rationale for recommendations, cost impacts and other details so that you can easily gauge the viability of each recommendation and implement the best ones in your construction.

Value Engineering Workflow

Zeeruk team members have a thorough knowledge of 3D model generation and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). To make your product designs simpler, so that they can be manufactured without too many complications, outsource value engineering services to Zeeruk International Pvt. Ltd. By offering design optimization and value engineering services, ZEERUK caters to companies in different industry verticals such as:

  • Design Optimization
  • Pre-construction planning and coordination
  • Construction cost management
  • Construction cost estimating
  • Quantity take-offs
  • Material escalation analysis
  • Risk management techniques
  • Risk management assessments
  • General engineering