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Urban & Rural Development

Urban & Rural Development

ZEERUK’s urban & rural planning and development services span a wide range of project types and markets including metropolitan and regional developments, infrastructure projects, growth area estate design and implementation, settlement and growth area structure planning and major urban and rural renewal projects.

Our planners have expert knowledge of local planning provisions and long established relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers in the planning and approvals process. This knowledge adds significant value to the planning process across all projects. Our Services includes:

  • Site Identification and Evaluation
  • Due Diligence Assessment and Reporting
  • Statutory and Strategic Planning
  • Planning Approvals 
  • Approval Lodgement and Application Management
  • Yield Assessment
  • Structure Planning
  • Town Planning Scheme Amendments
  • Working with policies, legislation and statutory frameworks


Development Assessment

1. Development applications and approval facilitation
2. Environmental Impact Statements
3. Due diligence and site analysis
4. Master planning
5. Intensive Animal Husbandry, Rural Industry and Regional Development Applications
6. Project management
7. Major Development Plans

Strategic Planning

1. Statutory drafting of state and local planning instruments
2. Planning Scheme preparation and peer review
3. Strategic frameworks
4. Intergovernmental and industry liaison
5. Structure plans, master plans and local area planning
6. Local Government Infrastructure Plans (LGIPs)

Specialist Planning

1. Expert Witness and Appeals
2. Workshop facilitation
3. Public consultation
4. Residential, Commercial and Industrial Land supply assessment

Town Planning

Town Planning is everything to do with the construction of our built environment, within both the public and private sector. Before anything is built, it will likely need to go through the planning process and there are many aspects that will influence whether or not something can be built; including social, economic, environmental and aesthetic factors. Planners help to physically shape a place for the better and have a positive impact in society. They are dedicated to developing a more sustainable environment whilst also having a positive impact on the local economy; working closely with communities through neighbourhood planning to meet their needs.

Clients benefit from our urban planning expertise, provided as both a stand-alone and an integrated service delivery model, including urban and landscape design and engineering services.

We strive to exceed client expectations on all projects and have a long and proud history of successfully delivering a range of urban planning projects including a number of high profile legacy projects for both the public and private sectors.