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Zeeruk International prides itself to be one of the country’s leading Transportation Consultant having demonstrated experience in:

  1. Transportation Planning
  2. Traffic Engineering
  3. Roads and Highways
  4. Mass Transmit
  5. Rail
  6. Coastal and Ports
  7. Aviation

Transport Planning

Transportation planning is a primary step for all transportation engineering projects and involves establishing the operating parameters of a project, environmental issues, special disciplines that will be required and data collection needs for modelling and forecasting. Transportation planning is as important for small, neighborhood-level projects as it is for large projects that involve multiple modes of transport.

Transportation planning services include:

a. Regional-level, master-level and detail-level plans
b. Public transit
c. Road and street networks
d. Vehicle networks
e. Pedestrian networks
f. Parking lot planning and demand analysis
g. Travel surveys
h. Cost-benefit analysis
i. Travel demand impact analysis

Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering involves the design and configuration of permanent structures, roadways, paths, railways, etc that are used for moving people and goods. Traffic engineering employs research into traffic demand and trends, and uses modeling and simulations of potential traffic flow and patterns to visualize the effects of different elements and scenarios. By considering multiple sophisticated scenarios, traffic engineering enables infrastructure design that meets transportation needs efficiently and effectively and that allows flexibility for changing needs in the future.

Traffic engineering services include:

a. Travel demand forecasting
b. Traffic simulation
c. Traffic impact studies
d. Traffic data collection and analysis
e. Preliminary design of traffic infrastructure
f. Traffic signal optimization and phase plan revisions
g. Intelligent transportation systems

Traffic Safety

While safety is a key concern for traffic engineering and transport planning projects of any kind, there are also projects whose specific goal is to improve safety within existing infrastructure.

Traffic safety services include:

a. Municipal traffic safety improvement plans
b. Traffic safety measures audit
c. Traffic calming measures
d. Detailed traffic safety analysis and improvement evaluation

Transportation Sustainability

Increasingly, the sustainability of infrastructure and other engineering projects is a priority for the communities and municipalities in which a transportation project takes place. While sustainability is a goal, working within financial constraints must also be accommodated.

Transportation sustainability services include:

a. Cost-Benefit analysis of sustainable transportation projects
b. Environmental impact analysis for transportation projects

Designers at Zeeruk International have extensive experience in the Rehabilitation and Development of new Highway Alignments according to the requirements of the latest applicable Global Standards and Specifications. Highway Geometrics Design Services offered by Zeeruk include Design of all types of Roadways including Farm to Market Roads, Local, Provincial and National Highways and Access Controlled Facilities such as Motorways. The Team has vast experience in the Design of Grade-Separated Interchanges, Closed System Interchanges, Flyovers, and Overpasses etc.