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At Zeeruk, we use the most Modern Modeling Techniques and Design Concepts to develop safe and Economic Designs for Structures across the board. Primarily, the following categories of structures are covered in the Zeeruk:

  1. Buildings
  2. Bridges
  3. Hydraulic structures
  4. Tunnels
  5. Marine Structures
  6. Metros

We are among the leading consultants within complex infrastructure design with particular strongholds within bridges, Highways, buildings, tunnels and marine structures.

Together with our customers, we deliver infrastructure solutions at all levels of scale and complexity. To optimize the processes and results, we utilize state-of-the-art design technologies within Building Information Modeling and visualization like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


Throughout ZEERUK’s history, bridges have been one of our primary services. Today we count a number of the world’s highest and longest bridges amongst our most visible accomplishments with proper structural Engineering.

Our bridge engineering services cover the entire lifecycle of a bridge, from planning and design to operation and refurbishment or decommissioning.

Roads & Highways

Road engineering / Transportation Engineering is now a complex discipline, where road safety, environmental and socioeconomic issues are as important as design and supervision of construction.

Zeeruk services extend from traffic planning to the entire project lifecycle, providing technically sound, economically feasible solutions using state-of-the-art computer-aided design tools.


Zeeruk have been involved in the construction of all manner of tunnels around the world, and in all types of soil.

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of a tunnel, from feasibility studies to the operational phase and finally refurbishment

Airports & Railways

Zeeruk employs a large number of specialists in a variety of disciplines, including airport planning, project management, civil engineering, buildings, railways engineering, operation and maintenance and technical installations.
Our services cover the whole project life cycle from feasibility study through preliminary and final design, supervision, operation and maintenance.

Ports & Marine Structures

Zeeruk’s involvement in marine, coastal and geotechnical engineering projects spans the entire lifecycle of a structure. Our services range from consultancy relating to a specific issue to comprehensive planning and total engineering design and implementation.

Digitalization & Technology

The rapid development of digital technologies and increased data availability provide new opportunities within the development of intelligent cities and transport systems.

At Zeeruk, we are deeply involved in the development and incorporation of digital solutions for the benefit of our customers

Professional Members of the Team and Associates have valuable experience in the Design, Rehabilitation and Construction of Structures ranging from small Structures such as Culverts and Underpasses to the most complex fabrications such as Arch bridges, Box Girders, Suspension and Cable Stayed Bridges, Multistory and Irregularly Shaped Buildings such as Buddhist Temples and Structures Constructed using Lightweight Concrete, Hydro Power Structures etc. When it comes to the Design, Rehabilitation and Construction Management of Structures, our motto is that if you can think of it, we can Design and Manage the Construction.Zeeruk uses the most Modern Structural Design and Analysis Tools and Softwares and has developed various in-house softwares