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GIS & Surveys

GIS & Surveying

Zeeruk helps organizations implement and use Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We provide strategic planning, implementation management, organizational therapy, and instructional services for Geographic Information Systems, Automated Mapping, Infrastructure Management and 3D modeling.Our clients are successfully using GIS technologies to improve their internal operations and to provide information services to the marketplace. To maintain our objectivity and broad base of experience, We offer the planning and management necessary to apply GIS technology to our client’s specific needs. Our hands-on experience with Atlas GIS, AutoCAD, Intergraph, and MapInfo provide broad-based objectivity. 

A well organized Geographical Information System is a great tool to simplify complex decision making processes.

Hassan Khalid

In our experience, developing geographic information systems is a complex process that requires systematic planning and careful management. Successful development depends on three related skills: understanding the information needs of management decision makers, experience with automated mapping and information systems, and the ability to facilitate inter-departmental cooperation and communication. We believe that GIS technology provides a unique opportunity for an organization to examine and improve the way it conducts its business, through automating the management of its map-related information and data bases.